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Pop Quiz 6: Shape Puzzle

Congratulations to Charlie, this week’s Pop quiz winner.

It’s looking like our users are a bit more comfortable solving math with pencil and paper. So great to see analog answers coming in electronically. Hooray Technology!

Here’s the question:

You are given a vase that can fit 120 shapes.popquiz6

You are also given $100 dollars to buy spheres and cubes with. Each sphere costs $2 and each cube costs 25¢.

Assuming that you have to spend all of your money- how many spheres and how many cubes do you need to buy to fill up the vase?

And the correct answer from Charlie:


Didn’t win this week? Try again with this week’s quiz. Good luck!


Pop Quiz 7: Long Run

On a particularly nice day, Cathy decided to take a long run.  When she reached her furthest point, Cathy took a good stretch and turned around to run the same path back to her house.  A quarter of the way through her run back to the house she stopped for a water break.  She then ran 3 more miles back to the house.  How far did Cathy run total?

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Congratulations to our first winner, Olive, for submitting our most creative answer using bar modeling.  For those of you who are curious, here is her response (and the correct answer) to this question:

Pop Quiz 1: Cami and Cara get some cash

Cami and Cara have saved up $48 between the two of them.

Cami has $18 dollars more than Cara.

How many dollars do Cara and Cami have, individually?


pop_quiz_93The winner of our second Pop Quiz sent the answer in the old-fashioned way. Well – almost anyway. A photo of your answer worked out on paper works as well as anything. Don’t be afraid, send us your answer – for the next quiz, of course.

Pop Quiz 2: Geometry

Calculate the area of the irregular shape below.


Here is the correct answer from Meryl – thanks again!


pop_quiz_93This week we even received a photo of the kids helping with the measurement. I suppose we won’t consider that cheating… this time.

Pop Quiz 3: Volume of irregular shapes

How big is that Rock?

Measuring volume of regular shapes involves the straightforward application of formulas. However, when it comes to finding the volume of irregular shapes, like rocks, we have to employ more clever methods. One way of figuring out volume is to measure how much water an object displaces. If you don’t mind making a bit of mess, this is a fun experiment to perform at home. Hint, you can use it on regular shapes as well, and then have your kids check their work!

Below is a picture of a square water tank with dimensions 6 cm by 6 cm by 4 cm. In the first picture the water tank is partially filled with water (2 cm of water). After the rock is put into the tank, the water level rises to 3 cm. Calculate how much water was displaced to find the volume of the rock.

popquiz3 And here’s the answer, sent in by Kelly. Thanks Kelly!

The way to figure out the volume of the rock is to first figure out the volume of the water that’s displaced by the rock.

First: Figure out the volume of the water in the take without the rock in it.
Volume = side x side x side  –so–
Volume (before rock) = 6cm x 6cm x 2cm
which = 72cm³

Second: Then you have to add the rock and calculate the new volume with the rock added
Volume (after rock) = 6cm x 6cm x 3cm
which = 108cm³

Last Step: You find the volume of the rock by subtracting the volume of the water before the rock from the volume of the water after you’ve added the rock.
Volume (with the rock) – Volume (before the rock) = Volume (of the rock)
108cm³ – 72cm³ = 36cm³
Answer: 36cm³



Thanks to everyone who entered our pop quiz contest!

I bet this week’s winner is a Top Gear fan. What do you think? Thanks to Ben for supplying us with the correct answer! And don’t forget, sending the answer in the “old-fashioned” way is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. Just take a photo of your work and send it in!

Pop Quiz 4: Miles / Gallon

Calculate Miles per Gallon

Debbie just purchased a new car. She was told by the dealership that the gas mileage is 40 miles per Gallon. She wants to make sure this is accurate so she has decided to measure the gas mileage independently.

At the start of the week Debbie had a full tank, with 13 gallons of gas.

After driving 540 miles, the car had 1 gallon left.

Was the gas mileage that the dealership reported accurate?



Pop Quiz 5: Probability

Rolling the dice

Given two six-sided dice, what is the probability that you will roll snake eyes (i.e. double ones)?

Congratulations, Harold, this week’s pop quiz winner. Thanks to everyone who participated in this virtual game of probability and chance. Here is how Harold explains how to determine the probability of rolling snake eyes:


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