Gareth Morgan
Technical Advisor

Gareth Morgan is originally from south Wales and moved to the US nearly 10 years ago to pursue his life long love of anything space. Today, Gareth works as a Planetary Geologist in Washington, D.C. Throughout his career, Gareth has thoroughly enjoyed the educational outreach aspects of his work and strongly believes that math/science should be fun to learn. He provides technical assistance and creative support for Homework Unlocked.

Gareth received his BSc from Edinburgh University, his Masters from Southampton University and his PhD from Brown University. Gareth lives in DC with his wife and their wonderfully misbehaved mutt, Sparkle-Motion.

Needed Homework Help With: Math (or as the Brits say, Maths) but he benefited significantly from the help of his Mum, who was an extremely patient teacher.
Favorite trips: Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Belize and visits back home to the UK.
Guilty Pleasure: Sci-Fi literature and Rom-Coms.