Karin Schweitzer
Director of Research

Although born and raised in NYC, Karin has actively sought to broaden her horizons outside of the island of Manhattan. After graduating with a B.S. in Business and a B.A. in Chinese from Indiana University, she took off to Asia to cut her teeth in marketing and research in the burgeoning (they were in the 90’s!) markets of Vietnam, Hong Kong and China. Karin returned West to get an international MBA from the University of South Carolina and Wirtschaftsuniversitat Wien (Austria). With that in hand and her love of research, Karin delved into the murky waters of security and payments. Now, Karin enjoys taking classes towards another degree while sharing her expertise in marketing and research with the team at Homework Unlocked.

Quintessential Karin: Kicking back with some research and a cup of tea with a little Danish licorice for spice.
Needed Homework Help With: Math.
Favorite trips: The next one! But favorites so far – Venezuela, Tibet and Madagascar.
Escapes to: Swimming laps in the pool, running in the park or a book.
Believes that: Change is necessary.
Listens to: Science Podcasts.
Would like to: Get A’s in her classes.
Still looking for: Places to travel.
Guilty Pleasure: Wine on a hiking trip.