Mary Stone Ross
Founder and CEO

Mary came up with the idea for Homework Unlocked when she started panicking about not being able to help her twin sons (then 3) with their homework. The idea became a reality as she coerced her highly skilled friends to join the team. Mary has always felt passionate about education yet, up to this point, her career has primarily focused on National Security. Most recently, she served as Counsel on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. She has also worked at the Central Intelligence Agency and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Mary received a BA from Yale University and a JD from the University of Virginia. When she is not chasing around her three kids, Mary enjoys cooking, hiking, reading, and blogging. She serves on the Board of Playgroup in the Park, a nonprofit whose mission is to serve as a place for parents and children to play and learn side by side.

Quintessential Mary: Quirky, smiley, always in motion.
Needed Homework Help With: History.
Favorite trips: Rafting the Zambezi, eating and dancing in Bogota, skiing and hiking in Idaho, visiting her childhood home.
Escapes to: The bathroom…it’s the only door in the house with a lock.
Believes that: Everyone deserves the best education possible.
Listens to: Pearl Jam, Nickel Creek, Horowitz, Pink Floyd, and anything Broadway.
Would like to: Be able to help her kids with homework.
Guilty Pleasure: Listening to her kids talk to each other, especially when they forget Mom is there and have thoughtful conversations amongst themselves.