Jannine Suplee
Co-Founder & Director of Technology

Jannine is one of the Co-Founders and Director of Technology at Homework Unlocked. She graduated with a BA of Journalism from Indiana University, started working in the tech industry in Seattle in 1995, and joined ESPN.com in 1999 as a Web Producer. Because of ESPN’s proprietary Content Management System and object oriented programming language, ESPN was happy to train new employees without a technical background, and Jannine was happy to learn! Jannine has worked as a Web Developer ever since then.

In the Spring of 2013, Amazon.com gave Jannine's husband the opportunity to live in Luxembourg, so the family made the move. While in Luxembourg Jannine is a first-time stay-home-Mom of two children who attend St. George's British International School in Luxembourg. They transitioned to a Singapore Maths curriculum last year and needless to say, the transition for the parents has been bumpier than for the children.

Quintessential Jannine: After beginning the new adventure of moving with her family to Luxembourg and becoming a stay-home Mum, the quintessential bits have changed. Spending more time with my children than when they were babies, helping with homework, cooking, playing bass guitar, working on Web sites and learning French. Adventure after adventure.
Needed Homework Help With: Math, all of the Math. Especially Bar Modelling homework from my son’s Year 6 Teacher.
Favorite trips: Venice, London, Genova, Loire Valley
Escapes to: Books and Video Games
Believes that: You get out of this world what you put into it, so stay positive and work hard for the things that are worth working for.
Listens to: All sorts of music, and the constant chatter of my children playing Minecraft.
Would like to: Continue living in Luxembourg as long as possible.
Still looking for: What I’m going to be when I grow up.
Guilty Pleasure: Cooking a huge meal for a group that takes all day, and then eating fast-food the next day.